Alicia bought her first small business in 2000.  A single location, prenatal ultrasound clinic.  Within 5 years she grew the business to include 23 locations nationwide.  During this time she also opened a medical supply distribution company.

Alicia was the elected Treasurer for ESSA, the community association for the American Embassy in Brazil.  Overseeing the not-for profit finances of the embassy post office, grocery store, gas station, restaurant and duty free items.  Alicia helped make these services profitable for the first time in several years.

From Brazil, Alicia moved to Sweden to serve as the U.S. State Department Community Liaison Officer for the American Embassy in Stockholm.  Her responsibilities included managing events, finances, education, crisis management, employment, hosts for new families, and information and resource management.  She also had the honor to help organize events for visiting Congressman, Senators, Head of State, Dignitaries, and the President of the United States.

In 2016, Alicia purchased Cascade Balanced Books, a locally well-established bookkeeping and payroll business.  Alicia saw Cascade Balanced Books as the perfect opportunity to put her accounting and business background to work for a growing business need.  Her priorities for the business are to continue to build client relationships, provide great service, making bookkeeping and payroll more efficient and affordable for small businesses and using technology to streamline services for larger businesses.

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